We have put all our games onto one easily accessible disk.  It costs just £30 and will give you uninterrupted access to everything we have ever written.

1  The Writing Timer *(formally the Big Writing Timer)
2 The Disaster Timer
3 The Supertimer
4 TNT tables (pupil and teacher version)
5 TNT tables  (pupil and teacher version)
6 Message in a bottle
7 Text for Ten Grand (pupil and teacher version)
8 Ice Breaker
9 Miner 49'er
10 Century Maker
11 Strika Number
12 Bubble Trouble (pupil and teacher version)
13 Spintastic 
14 Super Dice
15 Pop The Question
16 The Randomator
17 The Vocabulary Express
18 The Magic Box Maker
19 Dynamite Sentences
20 The Mathmagicians Apprentice
21 Supermarket Sweep
22 Busy Bees Number Bonds (pupil and teacher version)
23 Busy Bees Multigrids  (pupil and teacher version)
24 Busy Bees Missing Number (pupil and teacher version)
25 Busy Bees Pyramids (pupil and teacher version)
26 Busy Bees Triplets (pupil and teacher version)
27 The Jungle Gym
28 The Jungle Vine
29 Match or No Match
30 Dingo Bingo
31 Disco? No go!
32 Banana Grab
33 Banana Texting
34 Hide and Peek
35 Fruit Fling
36 Story Starter
37 Story Starter TV 2
38 Killer Bees
39 Vic's Bullseye
40 The Talk Indicator
41 The Chillimeter
42 The Talk Traffic Light
43 The Talkmeter
44 Supersudoku
45 Brickies
46 Arithmagons
47 The Number Crunch Bunch
48 Little Ernies Daily Maths Tasks
49 The Sats Basher
50 And Many more

It also includes electronic copies of any accompanying books.

PC  USB version only

The Fiery Ideas Super Disk (Single User License Only)The Fiery Ideas Super Disk (Single User License Only)
All of our games for just £30!

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