Make lessons exciting and engaging
Great little programs to support children’s learning

Great practitioners enjoy using our software because it provides them the wow factor to make lessons exciting and engaging.

Our education software is flexible, easy to to use and designed to suppliment learning in an open ended way.

For nearly 10 Years Fiery Ideas has been writing quality small programs at affordable prices.  

We are now offering all our games (over 50!) on one USB Stick for the amazing price of just £30.  Either add one to your basket and checkout paying Paypal or email us at  michael@fieryideas.com if you would like your school invoicing.  Either way it is an unbelievable bargain!



The Fiery Ideas Super Disk!

The Fiery Ideas Superdisk - ONLY £30
A USB stick packed with software over 50 high quality bright engaging and colourful educational games. Suitable for both KS1 and KS. It Includes all the games from 10 Maths Miracles, 101 Mental Oral Starters, Story Starter TV, Story Starter TV 2, The Number Crunch Bunch, Gorilla Games, Maths Miracles for Pupils, Busy Bees for Pupils, Busy Bees Teacher Version, The Widget Disk, The Logic and Reasoning Pack Click to see the full list
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